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Spin, Spin Sugar


Table Topography: Wood Furniture Embedded with Glass Rivers and Lakes by Greg Klassen

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Edward Sheriff Curtis:"The North American Indian"

  1. Two Whistles, Apsaroke

  2. Klamath Indian at Crater Lake

  3. Dancing to Restore an Eclipsed Moon

 4. Tobadzischini

 5. Haschogan  

 6. Haschezhini  

 7. Bear Bull - Blackfoot  

 8. Red Cloud  

 9. Apache Gaun  

10. Offering to the Sun - San Ildefonso

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Columns of Suspended Charcoal by Seon Ghi Bahk

Seon Ghi Bahk artist based in Seoul unveils its latest made ​​charcoal works that hang from son nylon to form columns or abstract representations. Bahk work explores the complex relationship between nature and humanity. It uses charcoal, a natural substance created by the burning of trees to recreate architectural forms that humans use for shelter.

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